The Young Bull belt

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Welcome to the world, Young Bull! 

The first ever Nobleman's black tea core belt made of the same quality as any of our heavy duty veg tan leather belts. Tea core leather is merely a top dyed leather leaving the natural undyed portion throughout the rest of the hide making for unique character to show stories of hard use over time. Scuffs on the surface will reveal hints of what lies beneath. 

Finally a long lasting black tea core leather belt to pair nicely with your black tea core leather boots and jackets! 

Finished with a heavy duty twisted brass buckle. This thing'll hold a fully dressed small block, no problem. 💪🏽😉

13-14oz veg tan leather top dyed and finished w/ a light acrylic coat to protect during initial break in. 

Heavy Duty "twisted" solid brass buckle.

Made in Arizona, USA