The Scorched Rose collection

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For the second collaboration with local gem stone jeweler Saguaro District, we decided to bring you something truly different from the sea of just "good quality things". Each set comes with a hardy 13-14oz veg tan roughout leather belt that is hand dyed on the top with a dried rose petal hue and finished in a wax burnish. The edges are then dyed in a charcoal black before wax burnishing and finished off with a black pvd coated, double prong solid brass buckle.

Of course this Arizona Series collaboration wouldn't be complete without a proper complimenting gemstone necklace. The Fire Agate gem stone with it's different variations of natural reds and it's quintessential wellness properties like grounding, protection and calming energies make this set a most complete one that you didn't know you needed. Holding the two pieces together begs you (and anyone else watching) to take a closer look. This collection brings an extraordinary, contrasting mix of quality, aesthetics, durability and deep meaning. 

This one is special with... ***ONLY FIVE UNITS!!!***