The Re-Boot Restyle kit

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Fall is here and with it, Boot season. This year we are looking to cover the gift lists while keeping our boot kits looking fresh. 

Nobleman's Apothecary has teamed up with two of America's greatest small brands to provide you with a way to completely restyle your favorite boots with a set of false tongues made of 5.5 - 6oz American vegetable tanned leather in Navy, Olive and Russet complete with a pair of the Toughest Laces Period, courtesy of Pisgah Range Laces Ltd. in the form of a virtual gift card via email allowing you to further personalize your boots your very own way.

Once your purchase is completed you will receive a notification for your purchase confirmation AS WELL AS a separate email, containing your Pisgah Range gift card good for one pair of laces in any color and length. Shipped to your door.  ** We recommend adding two additional inches to your lace length when using a reboot Kiltie.**


A Co-inspiration between:

Nobleman's Apothecary, Boothunter and Pisgah Range Laces Ltd.