The Raven Heart 1st edition

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**LIMIT 10**

The Raven is a bird most commonly known for it's all black appearance. It is also recognized as a symbol of wisdom and a sign of transformation.

Collaborations are exciting because they bring about opportunity to co-develop designs and ideas that span a much wider area of the creative spectrum. 

Nobleman's Apothecary and Saguaro District, two small Arizona based artisans have put down some serious time to curate a multi-collection, multi-release series called "Made in Arizona".

A balance of understated yet durable style accessories and meaningful everyday carry items built to last and guaranteed to assist in the confidence we strive to build up a little more each day. 

This first collection, The Raven Heart gives a muted contrast with an all black accessory kit. Walk with us, in confidence wearing handmade quality provisions. 

The Raven Heart collection comes with:

10oz Black traditional harness leather belt with Riddling service. 

Black Tourmaline gemstone on  24" black ball chain necklace.

Matching Matte Black hardware for a "blacked out" appearance.